Where to stay on Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach is the main attraction on Grand Cayman. It's a fabulous white-sand beach that you can picture even before your plane lands at Owen Roberts Airport.

Luckily - Seven Mile Beach is the location of the majority of Cayman Island resorts. There's a resort for every budget along Seven Mile Beach.

The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman (pictured at right) is probably the most majestic of the Seven Mile Beach resorts.  But it's probably expensive for most Cayman visitors.

Luckily, several opportunites exist for the more budget-conscience. The Reef Resort is famous for being right on the beach and for hosting nighly beach sessions for the Barefootman and Band. (If you stay else where - don't miss Barefootman). 

For frequent visitors to Grand Cayman, timeshare resales are also a good choice, because over the course of several vacations owning a Grand Cayman timeshare becomes more cost-efficient than renting hotel rooms or resort suites. There are a handful of resorts that offer timeshares on Grand Cayman. Two of the most well known are the 7 Mile Beach Resort and the Coral Sands Resorts, both right on the beach.

However, hotels and condos for any price range are found up and down seven mile beach.

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